We need your help to get this on the market


Pool pumps are a major expense that every pool owner worries about. Every year it costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars just to keep these devices operating. This price is far too high when weighed against all the other costs that pool owners face. There needs to be something better available, something that is dependable but that is also exponentially more affordable. EcoShark will work perfectly in any above-ground pool, in-ground pool, fish pond,fountains or waterfall. For ten hours of run time per day, the cost to keep it on is just 10 cents, which comes out to a measly $36 per year. Compare that to a competitor’s pump, which annually costs around $1,062 plus to run.


What We Need & What You Get Right Now.


We have come to you Kickstarter, in order to raise $9,000. For that small sum, we can start manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the EcoShark Pool Pump on a larger scale. Every dollar helps toward this goal. And as our way of saying thanks, we are offering EcoShark at a discount price.


The Impact  


More and more, we are becoming aware as a society of the limits of the energy sources that we rely on for our modern lifestyles. We need to start looking for ways to conserve energy. Although EcoShark is just one device, it is one device that makes an enormous difference. Dramatically reducing the energy that is being consumed by pool pumps all around the world. Your contributions make this product possible! Other Ways You Can Help In addition to reserving your EcoShark through this campaign, you can help out by sharing the campaign link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We appreciate you taking the time to hear about what we are doing and to spread the word about our campaign. Remember to like our page on Facebook as well! We thank you!

KickStarter, will help with every aspect of our project. One of the biggest part of the KickStarter funds will go to creating our own molds for the filter housings. Once we have a mold, we can save on overall cost of the Eco Shark system and pass those savings onto our customers. In addition, the funds raised will go to Marketing and distribution. And finish the Patent process.


EcoShark Pool Pump Solves A Problem 


  • The cost of electricity on a 1-1/2 hp pump is approximently $1062.00 a year. With the EcoShark system the average yearly cost is $36.50 If you have a larger hp motor you save more money on your electric bill.
  • Carbon foot print of your pool is reduced drastically, Eco friendly  prouduct.
  • Your pool chemicals are reduced, because your pump is running 10 hours a day and water circulating daily at longer run times.
  • Your pool water stays so crystal clear sparkling.
  • Reduced the chance of ever getting algae in your pool again.
  • The EcoShark skimmer keeps all debris, bugs, leaves, dust, etc. Off the top of pool water.
  • Your total maintenance time is reduce with the EcoShark System.
  • No plumbing needed. Just put the System in the pool and plug into a standard 110 volt electric outlet. 

We Have A Track Record For Over 2 1/2 Years In Use.


3 Swimming Pools Working With Same Proto Type Pumps. - 7 Pools Total. The 4 Other Pools Running About 6 months. See Customers Testimonials Vidieos Below.


Pledge Rewards


Pledge $299.00 and get the New Variable speed EcoShark 24 volt brushless all purpose water pump. Weather resistant box, Variable speed controller and 24 hour timer. EcoShark pump with variable speed to adjust your volume of water. It can be used for, Waterfalls, ponds and more.

  • Be one of the first 5 backers to pledge $399.00 and receive the complete EcoShark Filtration System. This includes the Pump and inlet pretector. Filter housing and filter. Skimmer housing and net. Weather resistant control box, timer, power supply and variable speed controler. 3' hose.
  • After the first 5 are gone, being backers 6 through 15, to pledge $499.00 will receive everthing included in the complete EcoShark Filtration System. 
  • Purchase 2 or more EcoShark Filtrationsystem at $399.00ea. Recieve everything included in the complete system.
  • Pledge $549.00 and get the Complete EcoShark Filtration system at a discount. Expected retail price of $799.00

With the EcoShark Filtration System, water is pushed through the system into the skimmer, pulling top debris into the net.

With this Variable Speed Power Controller, adjust the amount of wattage the pump uses. Set at 80 watts, cost amount is approximately $0.01 an Hr to operate.


Risks and challenges


The only challenge that we see is, supply and demand. If we get funded,
making our own molds will help elimnate this problem. The filter housing canister is one of the most exspensive part of the Eco Shark system. Having the ability to make our own canisters, will not only help with supply needs, but also help reduce the cost of the overall system.