Amazing 1 Penny an Hour Electricity Cost At Full Speed

EcoShark Pool Pump - Money Saving Water Filtration System

Eco Shark Filtration System Cost 1 Penny An Hour To Operate. Eco-friendly reliable pool cleaning technology beats the competition!


The World's Only Pool Pump System That Pays You Up To $150.00 a Month In Electricity Cost. 


Keeps you In a Lower Tier Pricing. Only Cost 1 Penny an Hour to Run the Pump.


The Carbon Footprint of Some Swimming Pools Is Over 15,000 Pounds a Year. EcoShark is Around 2 Pounds per Year.


The World's Most EFFICIENT pool pump system.


Guaranteed Fastest  Return on your Investment  - Months Not Years. 



If everyone in the United States buying a pool pump this year bought a Eco Shark Pool System we would save enough energy to power Las Vegas, NV for 3 years. Las Vegas, NV

Population: 589K