KickStarter Campaign Starts March 20th 2018


The World's Only Pool Pump System That Pays You Up To $150.00 a Month In Electricity Cost. 

Keeps you In a Lower Tier Pricing. Only Cost 1 Penny an Hour to Run the Pump.

Guaranteed Fastest  Return on your Investment  - Months Not Years.


We need your help to get this on the market

Pool pumps are a major expense that every pool owner worries about. Every year it costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars just to keep these devices operating. This price is far too high when weighed against all the other costs that pool owners face. There needs to be something better available, something that is dependable but that is also exponentially more affordable. EcoShark will work perfectly in any above-ground pool, in-ground pool, fish pond,fountains or waterfall. For ten hours of run time per day, the cost to keep it on is just 10 cents, which comes out to a measly $36 per year. Compare that to a competitor’s pump, which annually costs around $1,062 plus to run. 

What We Need & What You Get Right Now.

We have come to you Kickstarter, in order to raise $9,000. For that small sum, we can start manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the EcoShark Pool Pump on a larger scale. Every dollar helps toward this goal. And as our way of saying thanks, we are offering EcoShark at a discount price.


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