"We got tired of paying high electricity bills, for wanting to keep our pools clean".


Our Mission

In 2015, we started to develope a water pump and filtration system that would not only keep our pool water sparkling clean, but also save cost on our electricity bill.

Running a pool pump is the most expensive item to operate in your home.

After years of research and development in innovative water pump and filtration techniques, we've created the EcoShark Filtration System. Not only does it simplify pool care, but it cost pennies on the dollar of what other pumps cost to run.

The EcoShark on average cost only 10 cents a day for 10 hours of  run time. That's a total of approximately $36 a year! Compare that to $2.91/ day for 8 hours of run time (1.72kw/h x 17c) for a total of  approximatley $1,062 a year with a traditional variable speed pump, or even higher if your community has a demand pricing for enery.

Are you ready to reduce enery costs, save energy and reduce toxic chemical exposure? Then prepare to meet EcoShark.


Ever since I got the EcoShark system, my pool has never been cleaner. And my Electric bill is lower.
— Customer Matt, Whittier Ca.
EcoShark filtration system has lowered my electricity bills and has kept my swimming pool sparkling clean for over a year.
— Customer Alan, Riverside Ca.


Eco says "Take a bite out of your Electricity bill"

What We've Achieved

We have taken the cost of the most expensive appliance in the home, down to the cost of a few LED light bulbs. ONE cent an hour to run the ECO SHARK PUMP at ful speed!!!!!

Homes with swimming pools use 50% more Electricity than homes without.

Pool pumps ----------- 1800 to 2200 watts

Variable speed pumps 1000 to 2000 watts

Dishwashers ---------------1400 watts

Refrigerators --------------   460 watts

50” LCD TV--------------  322 watts

42” LCD TV--------------- 250 watts

32” LCD TV---------------156 watts

Ceiling fan------------------175 watts

Xbox ------------------------185 watts

10- LED light bulbs ----- 105 watts

Eco Shark Pump ----------80 watts

Are you ready to reduce costs, save energy and reduce toxic chemical exposure?

Then prepare to meet the EcoShark.